Showcase of Schools

                                                  Showcase of Schools 

Poinciana STEM Elementary would like to welcome you to the 26th Annual Showcase of Schools.We are a 100% Choice Program that offers unique learning opportunities not offered in traditional public schools. We are proud to be both a STEM School and Green School of Excellence that focuses on providing our students with a safe hands-on, integrated STEM curriculum.

Poinciana integrates STEM topics into all aspects of learning, including reading, writing, and fine arts. K-5 students are engaged in hands-on science and math activities in their classrooms, which are supported by the school's 2 STEM Labs, Technology  Lab and the Planetarium Classroom.

Students participate in a variety of school field experiences connected to their in-school instruction, including airboat trips into the Everglades, snorkel and lab trips to the Florida Keys, and trips to various local nature areas in South Florida. These experiences help students connect what they have learned in Poinciana's classrooms and labs in the real world. Once you've explored our programs, be sure to submit your application as outlined in the "How to Apply" section, below.

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